Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I already pay more than $5k per year in taxes for schools my daughter will never attend, and "contribute" to Social Security retirement insurance I'll never get back. Yet Barack Obama claims that, "the only thing that will change for you under [his universal health care] plan is that the amount of money you will spend on premiums will be less."

This is about like a cannibal inviting you to climb into the hot pot, while assuring you that the meat tenderizer he's rubbing onto your back is to make your muscles relax. More…

Obama claims that the typical consumer will save $2,500 a year. Yet I have friends in Canada and England who carry private insurance in addition to their high taxation for "free" medical coverage, because it's the only way to get care. One pastor friend in England told me that a lady in his congregation needed a hysterectomy—needed one—but was on a three-year waiting list.

Add to that the fact that (a) she'll be in even worse condition (or dead) in three years, and (b) the medical personnel who treat her will do so with the care and professionalism we've come to expect from government bureaucracies.

Obama knows this, of course. So he now graduates downward in my esteem from sincerely mistaken socialist into John Kerry/Al Gore territory. What bilge.

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David said...

Hey Jim:

I have a friend in England who has to have corrective surgery for a hernia in one of his cardiac arteries (he recently had a quadruple bypass!). The surgeons have said it will cost $5,000 if he doesn't want to be on a waiting list. Maybe Sen. Obama would like to be put on a three-year waiting list for surgery. Oh, that's right, Senators and Congressmen get whatever they want, whenever they want it. Sorry, I forgot.