Thursday, September 21, 2006

Off to Cuba

I'm off to Cuba tomorrow for the second time this year, and will return the following Friday. You'll understand why I cannot tell you much about the trip.

I'm glad the so-called "non-aligned" nations summit is finished. That would have made immigration and customs a very long process.

Please pray for me, and thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Jessica and I will be praying for you. Jess leaves on Oct. 7th. to head to Cuba and will be there a week. Can't waite to be back there together soon.


PS come see us in Sunny San Diego any time you can.

Anonymous said...

Foothills is praying for you and Mike. Gloria a Dios.
Rhea King

Richard in Austin said...

Jim: I'm curious if you speak the language or if you use an interpreter. I'm heading to the Ukraine in November to minister there and it will be the first time I have an interpreter.

Just curious if you have any pointers/tips on how to work with one.



Jim said...

Rich, I didn't have email on this last trip, so I couldn't answer you. Here's hoping you'll still check back to this post:

When you work with an interpreter, speak in short, complete thoughts, avoid American idioms (like baseball analogies and slang), and above all else: When you're speaking, try to be one of your listeners.

Also, listen to how THEY try to speak English, because they will still use Ukrainian thinking, word order, etc.

Blessings to you!

Richard in Austin said...


Thank you very much for the sound advice and thank you for taking the time to personally write me at my email address. Your advice is appreciated more than you know, since this is my first time teaching in a foreign country.

The Ukranians are amazing people. I'm taking some time before I leave to read up on their history and culture so with God's grace I can hopefully be just that more effective. Their land has been fought over for centuries, but they are a tremendously resiliant people who have always fought back strong against their oppressors. I would love to see this translated into the spiritual realm and to see the Ukranian people truly become overcomers in Christ.

Thank you very much once again for your help!