Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Baack

This has been the first true hiatus I've taken from blogging since I started a year and a half ago. I've also been on a "news fast," trying to come to grips with just how much information my sense of civic responsibility rightly demands. The answer, I think, is a lot less.

If news is information that holds meaning and consequences for our lives—and I think that's a pretty accurate definition—then so much of what we accept as "news" is not. USAToday.com's front page, for example, includes stories about Castro dropping 41 pounds and the winning recipes for the State Fair of Texas.

Of course politics and civil government should not play anywhere near their current daily role in our lives, and that fact makes a lot of so-called news sadly more relevant than it ought to be. But politics is religion for the Left, which necessitates involvement on the Right, if only for sheer protection's sake. Thus we are all drawn in.

Enough about the news. (Hey, I actually said it!) I've learned a couple of interesting facts about my own blog this past month. First, even without new articles, it has drawn 15-40 page views per day anyway. That's been a surprise. Second—and this is probably related—the biggest draws to my blog have been the search terms "General Georges Sada," "Ann Coulter skinny legs," and "Christians golf."

General Sada appears fairly regularly on Fox News, so those hits aren't surprising. And for my readers in Gainesville, General Sada will be here, along with my mentor and writing partner, Dr. Terry Law, on October 19, at the Alachua County Republican Party's annual "Black Tie and Blue Jeans" dinner. (Politics again!)

The golf reference is not surprising either, since my article on How Christians Play Golf was cited on several other, more widely read blogs last year.

The Ann Coulter reference amuses me to no end. It's not enough that someone searches for her name, but the words "skinny legs" are always included. I shudder to think of what that search term is intended to find, but I'm glad it brings them here!

Of course, now that I've loaded this post with all three references, my traffic should spike. I suppose working in references to Paris Hilton and the Bush family's "links" to the Saudi royal family would help too. But I would never stoop that low.



Misplacedtexan said...

Welcome back. Nice to know you're out there fighting the good fight. If you are in Tulsa next spring, come see us. We will have moved by then. There will be some Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Bread, and Sweet Potato Pie awaiting you and the Lovely Miss Dolly. And your Lovely Daughter also needs to learn about the joy of Cajun food.

pgepps said...

Now, now. If you are really trying to hunt for links, you need to have all those clever keywords in linked anchors, not only in the text. ;-)

Glad to have you back. Oh, and being recently come back to a cable-furnished apartment in the US, I am DEPRESSED to discover how incredibly low, low, low the culture is. I have never hated having a TV, until I had one. . . .


Jim said...

Thanks to both of you! PG Epps, are you in Texas? Where do you live?

Chris said...

Yes Jim welcome back. This reader (1 or your 2)missed you. While you were gone, it appears you gained a third. Chris

Richard in Austin said...

Jim: Yes, welcome back...I'm a "regular" reader of yours and I've missed your blogs as well...I don't really participate too much via comments, but I do regularly check your blog and read what you have to say...looking forward to more from you!!!